Wild One Slot Review

Wild One Slot Review
May 26, 2022

Wild One Slot Review

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Especially though Wild One appears to be a music-themed slot machine, the setting isn’t what you’d anticipate, even if we’re talking about rock n roll. The action of this latest Yggdrasil release appears to take place in a vehicle graveyard. It was created by Peter & Sons, and it will be released through the YGS Masters programme.

Each round features 5×4 reels with 1,024 possible winning combinations. They pay well, with a 10,000x jackpot being the goal in this instance. While the volatility will be considerable, the RTP of 96 percent is something I’m comfortable with. In this case, important elements include cascading reels, wild reels, multiplier wilds, and a variety of other wild-related mechanisms, as well as free spins to top it off.

Prizes and Betting

The reels can start spinning for as low as $0.20, but if you’re looking for a huge payout, you can spend up to $50.

When it comes to high payouts, the finest conceivable Wild One spins might net you 10,000x your bet, which corresponds to winnings of up to $500,000. The figures are excellent enough for this type of slot, with a 96 percent Return to Player and considerable volatility.

Features of the Wild One Slot

Following any win throughout its spins, the Wild One slot will trigger a cascade, which will remove winning symbols from the dropdown and replace them with new ones. If new wins are made, more cascades may occur.

After the cascades have stopped, the Bomb Feature could activate. You get a Bomb and an explosion that clears 3×3 symbols if you have two scatters on the reels at that point. This increases the number of cascades. There are also free spins, with 10+ being awarded when three or more scatters appear. In this mode, the Wild Reel can have multipliers of up to 10x.

The Wild Reel is a reel that can contain any form of wild, but it can also have blank positions. Multipliers are determined on your current tier. At tier 0, simple wilds are available, followed by multipliers, unbreakable wilds, and expanding wilds. The Expanding Wild is a feature that appears at random and can take over an entire reel. It’s only helpful as a substitute when coupled with ordinary symbols.

Another wonderful title is The Unbreakable Wild. It’s a special kind of wild that doesn’t get removed by cascades, allowing it to contribute to more winning combos. Even so, it vanishes at the end of the spin.

Design & Theme

It appears to be a music-themed slot machine, but the environment is strange. There’s a vehicle cemetery in there, and the design is grunge. It isn’t the most appealing slot, but it gets the job done and is entertaining. The symbols include representations of four different card suits, a cross, and a succession of avatars and skulls. There are a total of 11 regular symbols used.


I’ll give Wild One credit for being unusual. It should be enough to entice individuals who grow bored easily with traditional slots to try it out. Expect good payouts and a decent RTP, and if it sounds interesting, give it a shot.